For hundreds of years now, unbeknownst to us, we have been celebrating wicked pagan rituals and festivals of the ancient Babylon mystery religion. This sun and moon worship is reflected in a year-long drama that's been told in alignment with the lunar and solar celestial calendar.

Today, we celebrate these festivals as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day. To us in the United States, these days have a veneer of Christianity and are assumed to be fun and innocent. Most people would argue that these days are sacred, or holy; or at the very least, they are great times to gather with friends and family and celebrate. But I ask you, have you ever considered what it is we are really celebrating? How did these festivals come about? What are the origins of these times and rituals we observe?


If we study the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, we begin to discover the roots of a satanic fertility cult that has spread it's tentacles over the entire world! This story has been retold in every single ancient civilization, personifying a mother and her incesual/reincarnated son/husband in the form of sun and moon worship, mixed with sacred prostitution. This is the devil's religion, and it is mentioned endless times in the Holy Bible.

The story is of Nimrod, who is eventually killed and cut into pieces. His wife, Semiramis, uses his collected body parts, and a recreated reproductive organ, and is miraculously impregnated by the sun god (Ba'al) whom she claims is her dead husband's spirit. Now, as the Queen of Babylon, Semiramis gives birth to her reincarnated  son/husband Tammuz, and the two share a very weird relationship.


Tammuz is also a great hunter, much like his father, and while out hunting for rabbits he is killed by a wild bore. When he dies, Tammuz's body falls on the stump of an old tree. This is followed by 40 days of weeping (Queen Semiramis ordered everyone to abstain from meats and drinks and work) and after the 40 days they feasted on the bore.


Under Semiramis command, they celebrated with sexual orgies, fertility rituals, and infant sacrifice. Using the blood of these sacrifices, on the spring equinox, they would paint eggs and hide them under trees to memorialize Tammuz.


In the fall harvest, the priests would go door to door, collecting more sacrifices to make to his spirit in the underworld. If you didn't have anything to offer, you were cursed (or worse)


At the end of the year, they would go back to their Tammuz trees, cut them down, and bring them into their homes. They would decorate them, and adorn their homes, and count down 12 days to celebrate the winter solstice. On this day, they would feast and give gifts and commemorate the rebirth of their sun god.

This year-long drama is the backbone story for all major pagan festivals and celebrations worldwide. This is one of the oldest recorded stories known and has been retold in all ancient civilizations since the beginning of time; And unfortunately, we are still continuing these pagan practices today.



To celebrate the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the early church fathers kept the Passover until mid-2nd century. At that time, the eastern churches continued to keep Passover and the western churches began celebrating the resurrection on the 1st Sunday following Passover.

It's important to understand that, especially back then, calendars were highly varied and a tad bit sketchy. Before long, you had many different celebrations based on geographical location, calendar, and theology.

The Christianization of 312 AD by Constantine was an attempt to convert pagans in Christians. This website is not intended to argue for/against Constantine, nor the Crusades or Inquisitions. For now, it's important to just understand that all of these festivals already existed for centuries before the birth, life, death, or resurrection of Jesus Christ. Constantine was an open pagan who claims to have converted to Christianity on his death bed. Historians also tend to claim that what he did was out of ambitions to unite the people. Regardless, it's important to understand that he took pre-existing celebrations and branded them with Christianity for political and religious motivations. This is not conspiracy theory, this is open historical fact.

Pope Gregory wrote on this specifically in 601, saying they should adapt the rites of ancient pagan festivities, "changing the reason from heathen to Christian impulse."

I'd bet you didn't know that the early Puritans and the American Forefathers didn't even celebrate Easter or Christmas (they were ILLEGAL in the United States and the UK) until the 1900s!